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Charlesworth Reserve

1 Artic Skua

3 Banded Dotterals

Mystery Bird Quiz

Answer next week 1st of Feb

Marsh Crake Near Taitapu

43-40’07.84″ S 172-33’30.64″ E

1 Marsh Crake seen briefly in a steep sided drain.

Whale rescue at Port levy

About 40 whales were saved and 10-15 died at Port Levy this morning.

Embankment Road, Lake Ellesmere Reported by Steve Wratten

Colin Hil and I battled thro what was like Winter Wader Count weather from Greenpark to Embankment Road and got

200 banded dott 5 sharp-tailed sandpipers 7 red-necked stints 150 wrybill 1 turnstone 5 red knot 12 bar-tailed godwit 2 hybrid stilts 1 black stilt (a little white at bill base and a very little […]

White Swallow? Around pond and cust river at Ohoka Reported by Serena Thomson

Taken by Serena Thomson

Guided Walk

Sorry everyone, guided walk on sunday 17th cancelled due to bad weather

Wrybill at Lake Ellesmere Reported by Andrew Crossland

The normal post-breeding build up of Wrybill at lake Ellesmere has started, 261 at Jarvis Road, 19 at Embankment Rd and 1 at yarrs fenceline today. 2 Arctic Skua and 1 probably Brown Skua at Birdlings Flat today. The Brown Skua was seen in flight with several Black-backs, only briefly theu a scope as they […]

Mystery Bird Quiz

White-faced Storm petrel

Lake Forsyth Reported by Andrew Crossland

1115 Black Swan 704 Canada Goose 40+ Feral Goose 2285 Paradise Shelduck 223 Mallard/Grey Duck 98 NZ Shoveler 66 Grey Teal 198 NZ Scaup 22 S Crested Grebe 193 Pied Stilt 34 S/W Plover 22 B-Dotterel 2 Caspian Tern 21 W/F tern 17 Black-billed Gull 18 Red-billed Gull 25 W/F heron 4 Black-backed Gull 17 […]