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Mystery Bird Quiz

Answer On the 5/1/2010. To see more Mysterys bird photos click on link at the top of the page or

Scarbourough Head (11am) Reported by Andrew Crossland

238 Hutton’s petrel

1 Cape petrel

1 Gannet

72 White-fronted Terns

38 Spotted Shags

220 Red-billed gull

1 Arctic Skua

Scarbourough Head (7pm)

Huttons Shearwaters close to shore.

Possible ANTARTIC PETREL Seen near fishing Boat which was anchored off shore. Cape Petrel with all white wing-bar!

215 Hutton’s petrel

15 Cape petrel

8 Giant petrel


1 Possible pomarine Skua

2 Hetcors dolphin


Lake Ellesmere, Kaitorete Spit

Hello All,

The family took the dogs to Kaitorete Spit beach this morning as we often do at holiday times. Today it was unusually calm; cloudy with a light nor-wester. We were the only people for miles around. An immature Pied Shag looked a bit sick away down the beach, standing there doing nothing, so […]

Oxidation Ponds Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi all, The sea outfall pipe and pump station at Bromley are in the process of being commissioned and as a consequence the unit of the Christchurch Council that operate the Oxidation Ponds have reviewed security and Health and Safety considerations for the area. Consequently, they have reduced access (even to CCC ranger staff). Its […]

Estuary of the Avon and heathcote Rivers Reported by Andrew Crossland

63 VOC 1927 SIPO 2110 Bar-tailed Godwit 99 Pied Stilt 73 S/W Plover 1 Arctic Skua (pale phase) 12 Caspian Tern 14 W/F Tern

Western Valley Rd Banks Peninsula

1 Tomtit

Lyttelton Harbour Hays Bay

57 Bar-tailed Godwits

4 Oystercatchers

9 Black-billed Gulls

Lake Ellesmere Kaitorete Spit

1 turnstone

28 Wrybills

78 banded Dotterals

4 Bar-tailed Godwits

1 Juv Black-Fronted Tern

Waimakariri River (Just below the bridges) Reported by Andrew Crossland

49 S/W Plover 2 Pied Stilt 1 W/F Heron 2 Little Cormorant 1 Pied Cormorant 11 Black-backed Gull 15 Black-billed Gull 16 W/F Tern 9 B/F Tern