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Tui have bred on Banks Peninsula! reported by Laura Molles, Lincoln University

Hi, everyone-

Tui monitoring has kicked off again, and we’re off to a very good start – just yesterday, after many hours of searching, monitors Steve and Ursula found an active tui nest at Otanerito. Although it is not possible to see into the nest, evidence points to it being early in the nestling stage; […]

Lake Ellesmere, Yarr’s Reserve Reported by Steve Wratten

There was a strong, cold south-easterly wind mid-morning when Colin Hill and I went from Yarr’s Reserve in the west to Greenpark Sands in the east South-west drizzle had started by the time we finished around 2 pm.

Bar-tailed Godwit 134 -no bands or flags seen but conditions poor (interestingly, we had 132 on Oct […]

Bromley Oxidation Ponds & Linwood Paddocks Reported by Andrew Crossland

628 Black Swan 803 Canada Goose 5 Feral Goose 269 Paradise Shelduck 325 Mallard/Grey Duck 4596 NZ Shoveler 2523 Grey Teal 4289 NZ Scaup 5 Australasian Coot 167 Pukeko 396 Black-backed Gull 17 Royal Spoonbill 6 Harrier

E-Wrybill 25th Nov 2009 : Next Evening Meeting 30th Nov 2009 7.30pm Prof Richard Holdaway on Migration and how and why and when

Hello all, The NEXT MEETING is in the usual place, Doc office at Sockburn at 7.30pm next Monday. Richard is a perennially popular speaker and always produces important and informative ghround-breaking talks. Don’t miss this one. The last 4 days have been a whirl of birdy doings [literally in places] and you might like to […]

Kaitorete Spit, Lake Ellesmere

34 Red necked Stint

25 Banded Dotterals

1 Turnstone

6 Caspian Tern

Are these Chestnut teal? by Duncan Watson

The 2 teal species found at Travis are Grey teal and Brown teal.

The only Chestnut teal confirmed in canty was a male at the Kowai Rivermouth about 15 yrs ago.

I see what you mean about “chestnutty looking” with this bird, but have always understood that the brownish bits of the face of female […]

Lake Ellesmere Reported by Rob Schukard


Lake Ellesmere reported by Carolyn Green

5 crested grebes at bird hide

Waimakariri River at Harewood Crossbank Reported byJan Walker

Hi All,

Spent two hours here this morning, some of it with kate Roughan, Ecan ranger in charge of birds for the waimak.

sheila and i thought there were 1000 to 1500 Blackbilled gulls in 2 colonies close together, 750 or so in the one upstream which is at a higher elevation and likely to […]

Mount Pleasant yacht club reported by Carolyn Green

1 kingfisher 22 godwits 3 spoonbills