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Kaitorete Spit, Lake Ellesmere

37 Red-Necked Stints

9 Turnstones

2 Caspian Terns

Bexley Wetland

37 Variable Oystercatcher

Upper Lyttelton Harbour By Andrew Crossland

296 Godwit,

23 SIPO,

9 Pied Stilt,

26 S/W Plover,

30 Pied Stilt

RED flag and band combinations on Bar-tailed Godwits in New Zealand

Dear friends, Please be advised that a NEW flag and band combination is now being used on BAR-TAILED GODWITS in NEW ZEALAND – the FLAGS are RED (rather than white which has been used up to this time). The colours used for the bands remain the same (Red, White, Blue, Yellow). The use of red […]

Waipara River Mouth Reported By Jan Walker

45 Bartailed Godwits, all JUVENILES

2 Black-fronted

Banded Dotterels had a chick

Ashley Estuary Reported by Jan Walker

1 Far-eastern Curlew,

1 Whimbrel

1 Knot

100 Bartailed Godwits 300 White-fronted terns

1 Shining Cuckoo 1 Little Owl

New Brighton beach – By-The-Wind Sailor’s

Not Birds, but just as interesting:

By-The-Wind Sailor’s Jellyfish in large numbers along the high tide line. Counted 30 in a 5 meter section of beach.

These creatures consist of a colony of small organisms called hydroids. Underneath the dark blue or purple float (body), you can find these hydroids. The hydroids are dark […]

New Brighton Pier

2 Spoonbills flu over pier at 6pm

Tramway Reserve

1 Bittern Booming

Estuary of the Avon and heathcote Rivers

30 Variable Oystercatcher (black phase)