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Lake Ellesmere End of the Spit

580 Wrybill – possibly a record count for the site. One bird present with colour bands Right leg Yellow/Blue, Left leg White/Orange

This bird was banded as a chick at Lower Tasman River on 02/12/2002

2 Turnstone (first of the year)

7 Red-Necked Stints (first of the year)

240 Black Billed Gulls, which included some […]

Victoria Park (reported by Andrew Crossland)

2 Eastern Rosellas around Victoria Park ranger base.

Silvereye – Travis Wetland

Silvereye observed feeding on possibly willow nectar or insects on the flowers. Birds were yellow around the head from the feeding activity.

New Brighton Pier

1 Arctic Skua being chased by Black-Backed Gull.

Hagley Park

3 Wood Pigeon

Oxidation Ponds

12 Coot – site record count.


1 Myna – probably ship assisted from the North Island or escape.

Gebbies Pass

1 Long-Tailed Cuckoo

Hagley Park North

1 Little Owl calling during the day.

1 Kingfisher

1 Bellbird

Little River

1 Ring Necked Parakeet