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Charlesworth Reserve

126 Red Billed Gulls one with ring Red over white R. White over silver L.

2 Black Billed Gulls

126 Bar-tailed Godwits

37 Banded Dotterels

Akaroa Harbour (reported by Andrew Crossland)

104 SIPO

13 VOC

29 Pied Stilt

17 S/W Plover

Lake Forsyth (reported by Andrew Crossland)

218 Crested Grebe

14 Pied Cormorant

1512 NZ Scaup

Avon-Heathcote Estuary (reported by Andrew Crossland)

1285 SIPO

82 VOC

276 Bar-tailed Godwit

84 Banded Dotterel

207 Pied Stilt

New Brighton Pier

3 Hectors Dolphins just off the Pier – easy to find if you’re watching gulls and terns feeding in an area.

Charlesworth Reserve

24 White Faced Herons

Kennel Road Pond (reported by Erik Forsyth)

15 Mallard 5 Aust.Shoveler

Timaru (reported by Erik Forsyth)

3km North of Timaru 11 SIPO

Washdyke (reported by Erik Forsyth)

2 Spotted Shag at sea 1 Little Pied Shag 8 Great Shag 1 Pied Shag 300+ Canada Goose 87 Black Swan 120 Mallard 250+ Grey Teal 24 Aus. Shoveler 2 Swamp Harrier 17 SIPO 6 pairs VOC 14 Double Banded Dotterel – 2 in br.plumage 2 Wrybill – in breeding plumage 78 Pied Stilt 50 […]

Estuary of the Avon and Heathcote Rivers

56 Bar-tailed Godwits

26 Banded Dotterel