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Westerfield, Ashburton (Reported by Erik Forsyth)

4 Cape Barren Goose

New Brighton Pier

1 Giant petrel

Ashley River (Reported by Tom Marshall)

1 Siberian Tattler See Tom Marshall’s web site in the bottom right hand side of this page.

Awa Reserve (Mclennans Bush) Mt Hutt (Reported By Erik Forsyth)

3 South Island Tomtit – birds watched hawking insects from small bushes around the picnic area. 15 Bellbird- very vocal 3 Grey Warbler NZ Fantail -heard in song only 30+ Silvereye 1 Swamp Harrier

May 17 2009 Second Anniversary of the release of Pateke At Travis Wetland

Kia ora all,

Yesterday Matt and I confirmed the presence of an unbanded female pateke at Travis. Most likely a survivor of the first generation of ducklings hatched at Travis. The female pateke was seen with a banded mail bird (we think OY-M) and they were behaving as a pair. […]

Ashley River (Reported by Tom Marshall)

1 Siberian Tattler

1 Artic Tern (Click on link below to see photo)

65 Black-fronted Tern

Hagley Park Christchurch (Reported By Dave Bell)

NW corner of Hagley Park, Christchurch City central near large Maritime pines

1 New Zealand Falcon – Bird on ground out in open grass feeding on a Red billed seagull

Ashburton River mouth 3 – 4:30pm (Reported by Erik Forsyth)

2000+ Spotted Shag (many birds arriving as I was leaving)

1 White-faced Heron 4 NZ Scaup 30 Gey Teal 4 Mallard 4 Swamp Harrier 30 Masked Lapwing 15 Banded Dotterel 36 Pied Stilt 1 Black Stilt – an immature bird 350+ Black-billed Gull 100+ Red-billed Gull c70 Black-backed Gull White-fronted Tern 130 Black-fronted Tern 8 […]

Lake Hood Ashburton (Reported by Erik Forsyth)

2 Great Crested Grebe

5 New Zealand Pipits

Ashley Estuary (Reported By Jan Walker)

1 Tattler Siberian 2 Bar-tail Godwits (only 1 in estuary, other in paddocks). 1 Red-billed gull with bands. 2 Wrybill 1 Black Stilt 30 Black-fronted Terns 200 White-fronted Terns 2 Little Owls 12+ Quails Lots of Kingfishers and harriers