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Bulwers Petrel – Christchurch Today! Sorry not twitchable. Reported by Paul Scofield

Heres a blocker! First live record of a Bulwers Petrel in New Zealand from
North Brighton Beach yesterday 22 January. Found by a member of the public
in the surf – under care in Christchurch today.


Kaitorete Spit

1 Female Orca see 30m off shore heading south slowly.

whimbrel at Ashley Estuary

This lone whimbrel was spotted hanging out on the edge of a flock of about
100 godwits at Ashley Estuary.

It was a good birding day. In addition to the whimbrel and godwits, other
birds included: six lesser knots, two juvenile black stilt and numerous
pied stilt; variable and pied oystercatcher; black-fronted, white fronted
and caspian tern; banded dotterel; white-faced heron; scaup, shoveler,
paradise, mallard duck; grey teal; black swan and canada geese; harrier;
royal spoonbill; kingfisher; black-billed, red-billed and black-backed
gull; pied and little shag; coot; wrybill; spur-wined plover; & swallow.

kaki at Ashley Estuary

spotted two juvenile kaki at Ashley Estuary today.

Leg bands were Black/Orange/Red – Black/Yellow, and Black/Orange/Red -

little Egret at little River

Little Egret Seen in fields next to the lake.

Little Egret in the paddocks next to Charlesworth Reserve

Litte Egret seen feeding with white faced herons

Tui seen at Leithfield Village, reported by Janey Thomas

Sighting of a Tui at Leithfield Village .

20 km SE of Akaroa by Peter Langlands

Hi all- I got out offshore yesterday to about 20 km SE of Akaroa with the following sightings- the flock of 1000′s of fairy prions was especially notable-

White-flippered Penguin 4 sighted to 10km offshore
Southern Royal Albatross 25
Wandering Alabtross 5 Gibsoni- adults
Shy Albatross 15 14 ad + 1 immature
Bullers Albatross 40 Ad- banded M -38037
Southern Giant Petrel 1 juvenile
Northern Giant Petrel 3
Westland Black Petrel 1
Sooty shearwater 40
Short tailed shearwater 15
Fluttering shearwater 200
Huttons shearwater 50
Bullers Shearwater 10
Fairy Prion 10 000 Large flock
Diving Petrel 10
Australasian gannet 5 juveniles
Spotted shag 100
Pied shag 4 Ad- banded M -38037
SBBG- 60 all ages
Red-billed gull 150 ads
Black-billed gull 1 juv
White-fronted Tern 300 ads

Humpback whale 1 tail stock seen -arching
Fur Seal 1 juv
Hectors Dolphin 20

Cheers Peter Langlands

Birdlings Flat By Andrew Crossland

37 Short-Tailed Shearwaters found dead on beach

1 Mottled Petrel

+ Giant Petrel

+ Albotross Sp

all found dead on beach by CCC rangers a day after the storm.

Storm Birds over little River

Petrel Species seen flying over Little River in bad weather at 8am